George King

George’s career started with a distinguished 18-years in the Royal Navy as an engineer. When the time came to leave the navy, the skills he had gained put him in high demand. Over the following 13 years, he was a key engineer and project manager on many defence-related projects centred around aviation systems.

The experience gained on those projects was invaluable. They led to a deep understanding of the need for solid commercial contracts and robust business processes. Having these in place protects both companies and goes a long way towards ensuring project success. Recognition of George’s abilities came via a move to Newcastle University as Head of Commercialisation. His role there was to maximise the IP and commercialisation opportunities for a new spin-off venture. George achieved his targets on time and under budget, which is a testament to his capability to apply the skills developed and honed over many years. In 2010, George achieved an MBA from Newcastle Business School. Wanting a new challenge, George became a paralegal, specialising in commercial contracts. He also consults on optimising operations processes and the complex world of export control. George brings an engineering mindset and in-depth commercial experience to all his clients. With this approach, he can mentor businesses in creating systems that bring clarity, profitability and scope for future growth and success.