Getting any business moving in the right direction is not just about attending some courses and taking notes on what to do or reading a book on how to do it.

You should do the training, and read the books so you have the knowledge, but then it’s about taking action and building a sustainable business.

That is where ETC Ltd comes in. Through our 3-month ACCELERATE programme, we can help you plan, organise and kick start your business so that it starts to grow with a clear plan and structure to generate income as soon as possible. We are offering a plan that is achievable, sustainable and, most importantly of all, affordable. You don’t need to be paying thousands of pounds per month to get good help and support.

Advice that’s proven in practice

ETC Ltd’s experienced consultants have helped guide many businesses and ensured they have survived and are now thriving. And unlike many other consultancies, we offer hands-on assistance as well as advice, with a network of over 1000 businesses, which can be utilised to support and create opportunities for our clients.

How it works

We look at every aspect of getting your business, focusing on the key growth areas, and establishing objectives.

These are then translated into a realistic and achievable action plan. We will work with you over three months to ensure that the plan is implemented. Along with fortnightly mentoring, you will also have unlimited access to your ETC Ltd consultant via telephone or email.


The ACCELERATE guarantee is that the Consultant guarantees that the profits of the Client will increase over the following year by at least three times the cost of the ACCELERATE programme.

For further information, contact your ACCELERATE Specialist.

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