Does your business need to gain velocity? Our swift solution can drive your company forward in just 12 months.

If you need support to get your business organised, working efficiently and generating profits, the Velocity programme could be your solution.

Tailored to micro businesses with less than five employees, this mentoring support programme will help you take vital steps to success – and lay the foundations for potential future growth.

We’ll need a commitment from you, as the managing director or business owner and will hold you accountable for implementing the agreed growth plan.

Our business consultant will mentor you throughout the process, helping you face hurdles head-on and remain positive and focused.

We guarantee your actions will reap rewards. In fact, if you work diligently to our programme, we guarantee to increase your company’s profits by at least three times the cost of your investment with us. That’s not a claim many business consultancy firms can make.

Join our Velocity programme and we will help you:

  • Identify your business goals
  • Devise an achievable action plan
  • Establish robust processes for sales, marketing and accounts activity
  • Organise your time and focus on the key activities needed to generate profit
  • Maintain focus with ongoing business advice and encouragement throughout the programme

Book a FREE business review today to see if Velocity is right for you and your business. You have nothing to lose by finding out more but, potentially, a great deal to gain.

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