Every forward-thinking business recognises the need to develop their workforce through training, but don’t just tick the box – you need to make that training count!

Any investment in staff training should result in a return for you. Staff development should have a knock-on effect, increasing your profits by creating a more efficient, productive and professional team.

Why isn’t that always the case?
Because training without forcing the application of that acquired knowledge simply doesn’t work. That’s where out tailored training programmes differ from many conventional courses.

Our tailored training courses are led by our business consultancy expertise. We determine exactly what training will make a difference to the business, then structure the training to ensure action is taken and the learning is implemented.

We don’t talk at your staff and leave. We offer stepped training programmes – breaking our courses into short, manageable chunks where gained knowledge is applied before we meet again to deliver the next section.

With most training programmes, delegates retain around 20 per cent of the information and only implement five or 10 per cent.

Because we insist on delegates implementing their learning as we go, it allows us to test their understanding and knowledge, they retain far more by putting it into practise and it has an immediate positive effect on the business through its application.

We have a vast range of material to draw from to ensure our tailored training programmes include exactly what you need to develop your staff, and your business.

Some of our modules include:

  • Structuring a sales process
  • Streamlining administration
  • Time-management
  • Customer service
  • Networking preparation and technique
  • Effective marketing
  • Managing cashflow
  • Teamwork

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