Our first step is to visit your company to undertake a FREE business review.

This is essential for us to fully understand your business, and for you to get to know us and find out what we can offer. If as a result we find you don’t need our help, we will say so. Otherwise, we will make our recommendations, some of which you may be able to act on immediately. Our business consultant will help you select the most appropriate way forward, however, there is no obligation to continue, even if we think we can help you.


Momentum is a small business guidance programme, designed very specifically for the micro and SME market. We guarantee your profits will increase by at least three times its cost over the next three years. LEARN MORE


If you need support to get your business organised, working efficiently and generating profits, the Velocity programme could be your solution. LEARN MORE


As a franchise owner the success of your franchisees is vital to not only your income, but your ability to sell more franchises and grow your network. LEARN MORE


Our Compass programme can help you find your way, with executive coaching and mentoring that maintains an unswerving focus on helping you steer your organisation forwards. LEARN MORE


Our Assist service offers a cost-effective alternative to recruiting staff when you find yourself under-resourced for a particular project, or within a certain sector of your business. LEARN MORE


Build a sustainable business. In our Accelerate programme, we can help you plan, organise and kick start your business so that it starts to grow, with a clear plan and structure to generate income as soon as possible. LEARN MORE


Our tailored training courses are led by our business consultancy expertise. We structure the training to ensure action is taken and it makes a difference to the business. LEARN MORE