Social media – Getting results?

Are you getting results from your social media activities that forward your business, your sales, and ultimately, your profits? Or are you merely wasting your time?

Social media, by way of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., can be very time consuming. And, as a business owner, your time is at a premium. At the same time, social media has the potential of being very rewarding if dealt with wisely. But how are you spending your energies? And do you have a social media strategy? Lots of business owners spend many valuable hours on social media but don’t necessarily get results. You have to change your outlook.

Get yourself a presence

Through your normal networking channels – networking groups, trade shows, day to day contact with customers and other business owners, anyone you meet! – connect with them via social media and ‘get yourself a presence’.

Fill the auditorium first. If a theatre seats 5000 and only 5 seats are full, then your audience is only 5. Your performance is only hitting 5 people. So fill your theatre!

Build your followers

Talk to people. Link in with everyone at every opportunity. A lot of people have a Twitter account but don’t utilise it – find those that do and hone in on them. Create an interest and express an interest. People love to be noticed. Give encouragement via #following opportunities. Folks tend to follow those who are giving them praise and paying them attention (genuine praise of course).

Get real

Once you’ve initiated social media conversations, try to establish ‘real’ conversations. You’ve got to get creating appointments. The only way to do this is to talk to people. Use the phone, or Skype, or arrange to meet for a coffee and an informal chat. Find ways to talk to and meet the network that you have created.

And then – look at how you can work with these people. They might become a great source of leads, or indeed, they might even buy!

It’s a win, win if you do it right!