The original business owner retired a number of years ago. A general manager was put in place to run the business. Due to recession the business deteriorated dramatically and the general manager failed to respond effectively. The business owner asked his daughter to take over the running of the business in order to regain control. She had been a midwife with no experience of commerce or managing a business of this magnitude.

Having worked with the new Managing Director, mentoring her and undertaking 1-1 training to develop her management skills over the past 2 years, we have turned the business around such that it is profitable once more.

This has saved 16 individual jobs which would have been lost had this action not been taken.

The current goals for the business are set to grow the business which we anticipate will create another 4 jobs over the next six months.

The Outcome
  • Business turned around bringing it back into profitability.
  • 16 jobs protected.
  • New growth goals set