Lack of finance, low monthly turnover and the company about to fold.

When we met with this company in October, their typical monthly income was just £1,600.The business had been operating since January but resources were low, all three directors were desperate about their personal finances, and each one was looking for alternative employment. They had a deadline to December to turn things around, or fold.They agreed for us to go in and work with them utilising our MOMENTUM™ programme.

Commencing in the November, our first priority was to establish sales and ensure delivery capability for these sales was in place.

By March a review of the company’s performance showed we had achieved a £22,500 turnover in February.
We continued work with the business on a strategy and action plan, which was put in place. The next review of performance conducted in July showed a £54,200 turnover for the quarter.

The Outcome

Within 6 months we achieved a huge rise in the business taking it from an annualised turnover of about £16,800 to one of over £200,000.