Streamlining operations

Working with Greensleeves Lawn Care to streamline its operations.

“Everything ETC has to offer just makes sense. Doug holds you to account, setting clear timelines for the steps you need to take to improve your business,” says Cheryl Harper, business manager, Greensleeves Lawn Care.

“ETC’s programmes can help any business, of any size, you just have to be open to it.”

Greensleeves Lawn Care is a domestic lawncare and maintenance franchise, operating in 96 territories across the UK. Its services include the ongoing maintenance of lawns, seasonal and specialist treatment and bespoke lawn care, tailored to individual needs. The franchise was established in 1998, and, with over 3,500 positive independent reviews on Trustpilot averaging at 4.9 stars, customer satisfaction and service remains at the centre of everything they do. 

“We had been talking about working with a business coach for some time, as we were aware the most successful businesses tend to work with coaches and mentors to improve their offerings and look after

their teams better,” says David Truby, managing director, Greensleeves Lawn Care.

“For us, helping our franchisees and growing our national programme were our key aims.

“Then, as if by chance, Doug called our head office and we arranged a meeting. As we had been talking about working with a business coach already, the timing was perfect. After meeting with Doug and learning about the services that ETC has to offer, we decided to start working with Doug in November 2019.”

Working with ETC

“Doug offered a bespoke system for us in the form of the Momentum programme, which we’ll be working on for 3 years,” says Cheryl. 

“The programme bought us structure in how we manage people remotely across our 10 corporate areas and keep everyone moving in the same direction. It gives you a different perspective, but still applies business principles and practical skills.

“Doug is great at breaking long-term business goals down into smaller, more achievable aims, and puts a robust blueprint in place to reach those aims.” 

“The biggest improvement we’ve seen is the elevated confidence in members of our team, and that’s

thanks to the structure that we now have in place,” says David.

“An increase in confidence and organisation, as well as a clear feeling of positivity among our team, are the key areas we’ve improved. It’s allowed those franchisees who have, at times, been too focused on the job in hand to take a step back, break things down into more workable chunks, and focus on other important areas to ensure development.”

The benefits of working with ETC

“ It’s great to have a guaranteed ROI. We know we’re getting value for money, and, for us, the process is already working, and we can clearly see the results of our work together. It’s great to have an outside source for advice and support,” says Cheryl.

Leaving the final word with David: 

We would absolutely – and often already do – recommend ETC. We’re actively trying to get ETC involved in our franchise network, so they can help others in the same way they’ve helped us, by giving franchise owners and franchisees a new approach and a new way of thinking for developing their business further.