There were two partners in the business working part-time producing designs of websites, flyers, brochures, etc. One business owner had recently began working full-time in the business while the other retained full-time employment.

We established a goal with the full-time partner to get the business up and running and to create sufficient financial reserves to cover his wages for a year and the second business partner’s wages for a year should he also give up full-time employment.

By organising the business, putting in marketing, sales and delivery processes, a basic financial structure and mentoring the business owner, the first year goal was achieved after 10 months.

The second partner in the business is now working full-time in the business and due to the growth two additional members of staff have been employed. New goals have been set and are being worked on to ensure continued growth of the business.  The financial reserve that has been created by the business and not been needed and in fact continues to grow alongside the continued success of the business.

The Outcome
  • Business goals achieved.
  • Turnover doubled during year 1.
  • 6 months into year 2 have already exceeded turnover from year 1