When we started, turnover had dropped to around £800 per month and she was uncertain how to grow beyond her 2 remaining large clients and a string of very small ones.

The outcome

She has now, thanks to her MOMENTUM™ plan, raised her minimum fees and acquired clients requiring more attention and paying higher rates. This has resulted in raising her turnover to well over £2,000 per month.

All this was done by establishing that her skills and experience enabled her to act much more like an out-sourced financial controller than a book-keeper. We concluded that if she was to grow as she wanted, she had to find clients who valued this particular service, and were prepared to pay a decent fee for it. We also established that the way to find such clients was through developing working relationships with other professionals such as accountants and bank managers.

With her MOMENTUM™ coach by her side, she overcame her fear of networking, meeting key figures who became a steady source of both assistance and prospects.

Then, apparent disaster struck 3 months into the programme with the loss of one major client, and a smaller one too. However, what started as a crisis ‘I’m giving up’ call became, within a few minutes, an upbeat ‘can do’ recovery plan. Not only was it clear that the loss of these clients was beneficial – they were either irrelevant or energy-sapping – but it left her clear to target much more rewarding clients. In fact, with her new revitalised frame of mind, she signed up a new client, at a higher rate, within 24 hours!!

Since then she has been engaged on a lucrative but very time-consuming project outside of her book-keeping business. Together we have adjusted her MOMENTUM™ plan to ensure that all her clients feel they are getting her full attention, and that new clients are in the pipeline for when the project comes to an end.

There is no question what she values in the MOMENTUM™ programme : a reassuring voice whenever she needs it – whether to overcome a crisis or discuss an opportunity – and the certainty that the techniques and skills she has acquired will deliver the clients and results she wants!