This Consultancy and Mentoring programme will help you get your business bouncing again!

Are you worried about getting your business back on its feet when the lockdown is eased?

ETC Consultants will help you to create the right plan, and support you in the implementation of the plan. From long experience working with business owners to help them grow and prosper, we know that plans only work when they are implemented!

The Bounce Back programme consists of two sessions of approx. 3 hrs each to do the planning, and then a mentoring call every 2 weeks to ensure the plan is being carried out and is working. The programme will continue for a minimum of 3 months but can continue for as long as you need it, which we suggest should be at least until the business is stable, growing and profitable.

With many businesses shut down or on a skeleton staffing through Lockdown, getting the business back up and running again will be vital, but things are not going to be back to where they were. The world will have changed, and you will need to reset your business to take advantage of the new conditions and ways of working, so you generate good profits as quickly as possible while working the way you want to.

For businesses that work with the programme for at least 3 months, the standard ETC Guarantee will apply, that you will increase your profits by at least three times the cost of the service.

The cost is £52 per week or £225 per month (excluding VAT).

Interested? Call us for an introductory chat free of charge to determine how we can help you!

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