11 Sep 2014
Wowing the Customer
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

As we have mentioned, the subject of customer service is a huge topic to cover. We all know that word of mouth, whether a good word or a bad word, can have a profound effect on the reputation of your business. So how about giving your customers the ‘WOW!’ factor as part of their customer experience?

Customers nowadays expect to receive good service. They won’t talk about this. But you can guarantee that they will talk if they get bad service! If at all possible, create a Wow! experience that your customers will not forget. ip information Be creative and give them a special experience that they will want to talk about over and over because they were so impressed by your service.

Here is a short story related by a client recently, by way of example:

She pulled up in her car at the Ritz Hotel. The valet approached, greeted her, asked her name, and then took possession of her keys in order to park her car.

Moments later, the client walked up to the reception desk where she was greeted by the receptionist by name.  In that short space of time, the valet had relayed the clients name to the receptionist. The fact that the receptionist new her name when she approached the desk was definitely an unexpected pleasure. The client went on to repeat this story on numerous occasions.

To her, this represented the WoW! factor.

So, go ahead and use your imagination to create this WoW! factor experience for your customers.

As an example, a property firm owner could WoW! new home owners by leaving a card and some flowers to welcome them into their new home? A car valeting firm could leave a free air freshener in a car after a full valet. A suit hire firm could leave a card in the inside pocket of the suit hired offering a free tie on the next suit hire.

However you choose to WoW! your customers, you can guarantee that the word will certainly get around.