02 Sep 2016
Teaming up with the Black Country Chamber to help businesses grow
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been invited to run a series of mentoring workshops for the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, offering expert support and advice on growing your business and becoming more profitable.

Black Country Chamber Events

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘to achieve something different – you have to do something different’?

As a busy company director or manager, it can be easy to get tied up in the day-to-day operations of your business – working all hours to keep afloat and wondering why you’re still struggling with cash flow.  Does this sound familiar?

Unless you sit back and evaluate how the company is performing, and make changes to improve, however, you will never develop and grow.

Can you give just two hours per month to make your business more profitable?

Sometimes, it only takes small changes to create big differences in your fortunes.  This is what I demonstrate day-in, day-out with my clients.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is currently, or what industry you work in, the challenges we face in business are very much the same.

These workshops are designed to help you re-focus on the bigger picture, ensuring business essentials are not only in place, but are working effectively for you – leading to better profits and a smoother-running operation.

The three mentoring workshops will develop your skills constructively, helping you plan more strategically and offering practical take-away tips that you can implement straight away.

Here’s a breakdown of the workshop dates and content:

Mentoring Workshop One
Monday 3rd October
A Marketing Strategy

Create a marketing plan, understand which prospects to target and how to generate the right leads, and decide on the action you need to take to promote yourself effectively.

Mentoring Workshop Two
Thursday 3rd November
The Sales Strategy

Discover the best way to make contact with prospects, set appointments, and ultimately close the deal.

Mentoring Workshop Three
Tuesday 6th December
The Customer Retention Strategy

Once you have a customer base, it’s important to nurture it! Learn what activities and actions can reduce customer defections and grow customer and brand loyalty.

Each workshop runs from 9:30am to 11:30am at the Black Country Chamber Of Commerce, Creative Industries Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park, Wolverhampton, WV10 9TG.

Sessions are just £10 each for Black Country Chamber members, or £20 each for non-members (a total of £30 or £60 for all three)*  I hope you’ll agree that’s fantastic value!

*Prices are subject to VAT

Book your place today

To book online visit the BCC website at www.blackcountrychamber.co.uk/bcc-events or telephone 01902 912305 or email events@blackcountrychamber.co.uk.

Please note that cancellations are required in writing 7 days prior to the event, at which point an official cancellation number will be issued. Unfortunately cancellations within this time cannot be accommodated by a full refund.  PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT ACCEPT BOOKING WITHOUT PRIOR PAYMENT.