21 Apr 2018
How to create strategic alliances that increase sales
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

In my previous blog, I talked about network marketing and how the power is in the network of people around you. However you don’t need to be in a network marketing business to apply the principles. I’m talking here about strategic alliances, a model similar to affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

In effect, affiliate marketing is an arrangement whereby external companies or individuals (affiliates) promote your products and services to their clients. Usually, this would be in exchange for a commission. However with a strategic alliance, commission isn’t necessary.

Who should I choose to create strategic alliances with?

Rather than a typical affiliate model, a savvy alternative is to create strategic alliances. To do this, the first step is to brainstorm other companies that have a similar client base to you. I don’t mean competitors, but companies whose products or services perhaps complement your own.

Let’s look at an example: a high end tailor will likely have a similar customer profile to a expensive car retailer. Similarly, a builder and a plumber will have very similar client bases, as could a wedding photographer and a florist.

Having very different products but similar clients could make these businesses perfect strategic partners. Networking groups such as BNI, Sterling and BoB operate in much the same way, encouraging you to work closely with other companies to help each other create new contacts and clients.

How does it work?

Very simply, you promote each others’ products and services to your own respective clients, creating warm leads. The more people you can get in your network, the more relationships can be made. For a small business, and if done well, this is a great alternative to a sales team. Some network groups would refer to this a power team.

With these tips you can create your own power team. 5 or 6 key people working together will create a regular flow of business between one another. In addition, recommending trusted suppliers to your own clients will add more value to the service already provided and raise your credibility. Win, win!

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