11 Dec 2014
Setting your Goal: The Know How
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

“Which road should I take?” asked Alice.
“Where do you want to go?” answered the Cheshire Cat.
“I don’t know,” said Alice
“In that case,” said the Cheshire Cat, “it doesn’t matter which road you take.”

Like with any business owner it is not unusual for people to put their heart and soul into their business, it’s their ‘baby’ at the end of the day and so we feel, as business owners, that it is in our best interest to make it succeed but to also gain from what we put in…and quite rightly after all that hard work! Therefore is it not also in our best interest to make the company successful by setting ourselves goals that come from a personal place?

When most people think of goals they think of very broad goals like “I want to be able to take a back seat in my company, have someone else do the hard work and reap all the benefits.” I think we would all love this, however as briefly mentioned in my other blog: Targets & Goals- Can you Spot the Difference, it is imperative that the goal be more focussed and for it to come from a personal place. For example would you like to save for a high quality care home for your parents or that extravagant white wedding your partner craves? These goals are more realistic, focussed and attainable now you are at the core and they have a personal meaning, rather than I want ot sit back but make lots of money.

Therefore having a personal goal works better than putting a business one in place. By setting the goal of a white wedding you can then work out what you need i.e. cake, dress, car etc. and you can utilise your business to obtain these wants. For example if you know the venue your wife wants costs £7,000 you can make sure you have enough clients coming in to cover this cost.

Like it or not, in this world we need to set ourselves goals in order to achieve anything. They can take weeks, months or ever years to accomplish depending on the size of your goal. Don’t be put off though, the rewards are worth it in the end and if you follow your goals and targets through you should not only have achieved your goals but also have a successful business to show. More often than not these goals come from, what some may consider as, selfish sources however, this may actually be a necessary birthplace for them to grow from.

  • So when setting your goal you need to:
  • Make sure you get to the core of what your goal is.
  • Make sure it’s a personal goal that can be facilitated by your business.
  • Make your goal clear and concise and set targets alongside
    (read Targets & Goals- Can you Spot the Difference for tips!)

Remember if you feel you need more advice on how to set goals or how to go about achieving them, contact Doug D’Aubrey on 07946 730475 or doug@exec-tc.com.