18 Feb 2014
Secrets of Successful Marketing Material
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

Whether your marketing material is an advert in a magazine, a website or a triple-fold flyer, there are some basic principles that remain true about your marketing content, whatever format you use. Here are my top tips

1)      First and foremost, make sure you’ve told people what you’re selling, what they can expect if they buy from you, and how you’ll solve their problems or fulfil their desires. This should make up ¾ of your content. If this interests them, they will read on. This should be more prominent even than your company name – if someone is interested in what you can offer, they’ll look closer to find out who you are.

2)      Marketing is not about you or your business – it’s about what you offer. Don’t make the first thing you tell people how many years you’ve been trading or how great your work is. After all, when you go to see a doctor, do you ask them what grade they got in their finals or who they’ve successfully cured in the past? Or is the only thought in your head about what they’re going to do to make you better? Only do the ‘about us’ bit once you’ve already got their attention.

3)      Include a call to action – tell people what you want them to do, ‘call me’, ‘e-mail to book an appointment’, and so on.

4)      And critically… make it easy for them to contact you! All your contact details need to stand out, be clearly visible and easy to find. No difficult-to-make-out fonts, no small type, and all the details: phone number, e-mail, address if appropriate. Don’t assume that all potential customers will be happy to e-mail you  or fill out a contact form – some may still prefer to speak to you