18 Jun 2017
How to increase your profit AND take a holiday!
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

A business’ profit level can be linked to areas such as marketing activity and cost control. How much holiday taken by the business owner is often overlooked.

Taking a break

Research suggests that at least 70% of small business owners never take a holiday. In my role as a business consultant, I come across this time and time again. Catching up on emails is far more the norm than catching a few rays. While it might appear that leaving the business could be catastrophic, not taking a holiday could be catastrophic itself.

How motivated and productive are you?

Your business simply cannot afford or function long-term without you taking a holiday. Do you feel at maximum productiveness and full of motivation? I doubt it. When business owners don’t take time out, they become fatigued, directly affecting productivity. Worse, resentment towards the business can build up, impacting motivation too.

I recommend taking at least 1, 2 week holiday a year. If it’s impossible to take such a long break, then take long weekends instead. After a long weekend you’ll come back to the business refreshed, with a resulting increase in productivity meaning you can make more money!

Handing over the reins

Ensuring the continuity of service for clients is a key concern for business owners when planning a hioliday. If this is a problem area for you, take a look at last month’s article on Creating Consistency in Service. In it, I explain how to give staff the tools and knowledge to get the job done, exactly as you want it!

Get holiday ready and make more profit

So with the summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to get away. If you don’t yet have your summer break planned, get one booked! If you understand the benefit of taking a break but still feel unable to, book a free business review so we can help get your business holiday ready and more profitable!