18 Jun 2017
How to increase productivity by working less
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

According to a recent survey, a business owner’s average working week is 50.5 hours, 36.5% higher than the national average of 37 hours!

But the principle of putting in long hours to make a business successful is a misconception and often, productivity will suffer.

All work and no play

A poor work/life balance will lead to tiredness, misery, a building resentment of the business and the outcome? A reduction in productivity.

Relationships are affected too; although little research has been conducted, anecdotal evidence suggests the divorce rate is higher amongst entrepreneurs because they’re never at home. Of course your partner and family want you to achieve success, but they want YOU more.

The positive effect of rest on productivity

Some years ago I worked 18 hour days, 6 days a week to turnaround a failing business. After 3 months of sustained long hours, I was at work one day when I fell asleep at my desk. It was literally a wake up call. I took a couple of days out and returned refreshed and more productive. More got done in just 7 hours a day and I had time again for friends, family and me!

Hitting a deadline

There are occasions when urgent deadlines have to be met, these things happen. But you must take time afterwards to recover. Understand and recognise these as one-offs and don’t let them become the norm. That’s when productivity, the business and potentially your family will suffer.

Time management

It’s not just long hours that are commonplace, at least 70% of small business owners never take a holiday and this too impacts on productivity. My article on time management contains some great tips on scheduling and managing your workload. This advice provides the tools and confidence to take control of your working hours so you can get back more time for you!

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