18 Jan 2017
Do your customers know what you do?
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

It may sound a strange question! If they’re a customer already using your services, of course they know what you do – right?

Wrong! They may know what you do for them – but do they know you also do this, and this and this?

We should never assume that a client understands the entirety of our business. For example, they may have come to you to develop their website – but do they know you also write blog posts, create email marketing campaigns, manage social media accounts and do graphic design for brochures?

As we’re talking about the importance of client retention, it is definitely worthwhile considering how you are communicating your full range of services to existing customers. They may have employed you to undertake a short term project, but there may be a way of retaining them as an ongoing client with another of your services.

Again, it comes down to communication. You shouldn’t have to do the big, hard sell on existing clients – hopefully you’ll have won them over with the fabulous work you’ve already done. There will be a trust there, which makes it much easier to sell without selling. Try dropping into conversation that you’ve done X for another client that seems to be working really well for them. Ask them, ‘did you know we do that?’ It really is that simple!

Here are some other ways of getting the word out to existing clients about additional services:

Case studies and testimonials

Do you have any case studies or client testimonials on your website? If not, get some on there, pronto! Nothing speaks louder than showing off some top work you’ve done for a client and hearing how pleased they are with the results. Why not get a client on camera? Short video testimonials can be really powerful.

Spread the good news!

How are you spreading the word about the amazing projects you’ve completed, or the fantastic feedback you’re getting from clients? Don’t just let case studies and client testimonials sit static on your website. Share them! Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are great for getting word out, as are blogs and email newsletters.


Don’t rely purely on online – a well designed leaflet with your list of services can be just as effective. A cleaning company I worked with handed out leaflets to all of their commercial clients, telling them they also did window cleaning and removal of environmental waste.  Straight away they secured new business from existing clients, who hadn’t realised before that they offered these services!

It’s good to talk!

Make sure you have it on every meeting agenda to discuss how else you could help an existing client. Face-to-face meetings give you the perfect opportunity to talk about what else you do that might be of interest.

Now go forth and multiply your business the easy way. Just tell your existing clients what you do!

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