15 May 2017
Creating Consistency in Customer Service
Written by Doug D'Aubrey

Are you about to become an employer? Perhaps you already have a team but you are struggling to delegate tasks to them or maybe you do delegate with disastrous results! If you are in any of these situations then implementing processes within your business can give you the consistency you need for great customer service delivery. Without them, your customers may not know what to expect when they buy from you.

In practice

Let’s take McDonalds as an example of this in practice. Being a huge franchise organisation with stores being independently owned, McDonalds pride themselves on their consistency in delivering products and customer service the world over. A Big Mac in London looks and tastes the same as a Big Mac in Moscow or New York! You know exactly what you are going to get.

Systems and processes are the key to delivering its customers food that looks and tastes the same. Everything has a process, from cooking times, ingredient amounts, right down to the way the store is cleaned.

McDonalds attracts young staff with a high turnover; many are students who are simply there to earn some extra money but that probably don’t see a long-term career with the company. Having such detailed procedures leaves nothing to chance and ensures the consistency required.


Of course in your business your processes may not need to be so intricate, but having the right ones in place will ensure that no matter how skilled your workforce is, you can be confident they can get the job done. Written processes or checklists for specific tasks can give you the basis of staff training.

Repetition equals reputation

With established processes and checklists in place you’ll be able train staff effectively and as the old saying goes, from your repetition comes your reputation. With procedures in place your customer service delivery should be the same each time, building trust and reliability in your business and from there, business growth.